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A Gm Ii Bomb Found With A Metal Detector

The villages of Vurberk and Krvecina, located east of Slovenia, were evacuated yesterday to defuse a 250-kilogram World War II bomb, found by a citizen last week.

The device has been found in the vicinity of the "Delo" newspaper.

With the help of his children, he moved the bomb to the patio of his house.

The man who will probably be prosecuted, the best beginner metal detector for gold . The slovenian police, local experts say.

In total, 450 residents of both villages had to leave their homes, the Slovenian news agency STA reported. It is a bomb of the American aviation, which did not explode after the bombing of the area.

The bomb is Considered to be especially dangerous because it has a chemical ignition mechanism should react That is a minor shock , so the press considers a "miracle" that has not exploded during its transfer.

To the nearest destination, Maribor-Ptuj regional highway, as well as all the roads around Maribor-Ptuj regional highway.

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